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  • Clear up to a 20-parked-car driveway on a single charge with the included 60V Max* Battery (10Ah, 540Wh) and charger. Get the most of your battery life with Eco Mode.

  • 3 on board battery storage 

  • 250 Minute charge time per battery

  • 24" clearing width

  • Throwing distance up to 34'

  • 12" ideal (snow depth)

  • Quickly change the chute AND deflector direction with a single, smooth motion thanks to the Quick Stick chute control.

  • Tear through rough snow and ice in record time with the powerful, engineered auger. With a tall auger housing and guaranteed-for-life chute, even the toughest end-of-driveway snow has met its match.


SKU: 39914
  • No returns on serialized equipment. All Sales are Final.

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