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  • Enjoy more power, longer runtime and longer life from a Brushless DC Motor.

  • 180 Minute Charge Time

  • 21" Clearing Width

  • Throwing Distance up to 40'

  • Clear up to a 12-parked-car driveway on a single charge with the included 7.5 Amp-Hour Battery, and Charger. And you'll get the most of your battery life with Eco Mode.

  • Chute mounted handle curved steel with friction deflector

  • Aim exactly where you want to throw snow, from behind the machine, with the quick-turn chute lever and comfort glove grip.
  • Reliable starting and low maintenance with battery power. Flex-Force 60V* batteries have intelligent software to maximize run time and power.


SKU: 39901
  • No returns on serialized equipment. All Sales are Final.

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